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Outperform Club

Outperform Club is a series of informal evening & breakfast events for senior industry professionals.  We bring together LPs and GPs in a relaxed setting to discuss the latest industry developments, share ideas and forge new relationships.

Each Outperform club features an inter-active discussion with LPs and GPs discussing the most pertinent issue of the day.

Each Outperform Club is an informal gathering ensuring touch points throughout the year.  Open to LPs & GPs only.

A fun, informal drinks reception to end the evening to ensure new contacts are made and old ones are reaffirmed. Time to get to know each other.


Each Outperform Club takes place between 5pm-7:30pm or 8am-10:30am and consists of an engaging LP/GP inter-active session focused on the most pertinent current issue in the market followed by a networking reception.

The Outperform Club Hong Kong and London attendees consist of up to 30 senior industry leaders in the private markets industry at each evening. The attendees will be invited from the Outperform Group global members network with a select number of applications from senior professionals new to the Outperform series.

Application for Outperform GP Community Members

We have 10 GP places at our next Club breakfast event in London, apply here.

LP Applications

Complimentary places for pension funds, endowments, foundations, family offices, insurance cos., DFIs, ILPA members and sovereign wealth funds (subject to verification). Contact info@outperformpe.com with your full details if you would like to apply.

Outperform Club Dates

Outperform Club, London
5 December 2019

Outperform Club, London
6 February 2020

Outperform Club, Hong Kong
June 2020

5 December 2019, London

We are currently researching to develop our next Club programme to be held as a breakfast meeting for LPs & GPs. Watch this space!


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