The Outperform Group philosophy: what matters is who you meet

We know that the private markets industry is based on knowledge & trust. Success hinges on fostering long-term partnerships for investment.  But the industry, to a large extent, is very private.  So the need is vital for a trusted forum in which industry professionals can shape best practice, establish and deepen business networks and initiate new investments.

Currently industry events are too often delivered as a ‘one size fits all’ experience, in uninspiring settings, by people who have little understanding of the industry and no stake in its long-term success.

Our vision is to be a disruptive force within the private markets conference industry, establishing a ‘gold standard’ for events. Outperform forums are not your usual mass-market conference.

Our guiding philosophy is what matters is who you meet.   The event has strict limits on the numbers, seniority and types of attendees. It has a 75% invite-only approach to provide an exclusive, relaxed environment in which you meet the people you need to. 

Over the past 15 years we have seen how private markets industry has become more sophisticated and grown. With the maturation and increased sophistication of the market, the need for a more nuanced and sophisticated event experience is all too clear. Outperform forums have been developed based on this need and provides you with a distinctive content and networking environment to service the more nuanced ecosystem.

That’s how you outperform.

How We Are Different

We have an obsessive devotion to curating the highest calibre of attendees, education and knowledge sharing. The Outperform series creates an exclusive private markets community experience.

Outperform provides you with the forum you want to be part of.

What you can expect at Outperform:

  • Bespoke LP/GP one to one meetings
  • Each forum consists of a curated attendee ratio of LPs & GPs for optimum engagement
  • Exclusive bimonthly Outperform Analysis for community members
  • Curated by professionals with deep knowledge and long-term relationships with the private markets industry
  • A private forum with no press in attendance for a trusted, open and free discussion environment
  • A truly educational programme for investors and managers
  • Exciting new venues and formats which foster a convivial and collegiate atmosphere
  • A symposium of collaborative knowledge and discussion actively shaping the industry through new programme formats
  • A relaxed & engaging environment within which you can meet and talk with the people that count
  • Only the most senior LP and GP speakers who have deep experience in private markets
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Sarah Startup

Sarah Startup

Founder & CEO

Sarah Startup founded The Outperform Group in 2016 with a vision to energise and disrupt traditional alternative asset conferences. With over 16 years’ experience in launching, curating and producing C-level conferences in the private equity & venture capital industry, most recently as Head of the SuperReturn Global series, Sarah has the deep experience, knowledge and connections in the private markets industry to bring a truly diversified offering to the community. She has won two conference industry awards for launching & managing events in Asia. She believes that long-term relationships coupled with intelligent & strategic thinking are vital to any successful business and especially conferences & private capital.  She is a graduate of the University of Oxford in Modern Languages.

Sarah is supported by a team of event professionals, each with deep knowledge and experience within their field.

Outperform Group’s Founder & CEO, Sarah Startup shares her vision for a disruptive force in private markets conferences:

Further Services

We work with a select number of clients to provide event management; event production and production training where we share our deep experience & skills to enable organisations to achieve growth and event success.